All About Phi Phi Islands

08 Jan 15 | By พี่ฮิปโป

Phi Phi islands is one of the most visited islands in Thailand by Thais and also by foreigners. It's a mother of all islands in Thailand. This islands has some beaches which are far away from the noises of the roads, cars and buses. Some don't even have roads and that's what makes it laid back and beautiful that everyone wants to lay back and relax on the the soft, white sand over here.


One main reason for people going to Krabi is to go to Phi-Phi Islands because of it's laid back culture and it's beauty. You can go to Phi-Phi islands by a boat which might be a little expensive but like I said the beauty of this island and the sound of the ocean is soothing to your heart

Travelling around the Phi-Phi islands in a boat is worth a shot as well. However, I have never tried it so i don't know much about it.

List of beaches in Phi Phi Islands are :

  1. Long Beach Island - It's quite a famous beach in Phi Phi with good beach food. You can order Thai or international cuisine. phi-phi-islands-thailand
  2. Bamboo Island - This island is not touristy which is probably a good reason for it's beautiful marine life and clear water.
  3. Laem Tong Island - This beach is completely secluded from others and the  only access is by Boat, so you can be away from everyone with the sounds of the waves.
  4. Koh Phi Phi Leh - It's in the south of the Phi Phi Island and is secluded from the rest by 2 kilometers. You can rent a longtail boat as well to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding areas of the island.
  5. Loh Bagao Bay - Attracts a lot of crowd during the high season, so if you're planning to lay back and relax, I wouldn't recommend this. 
  6. Loh Dalum - One of the top most laid back beaches in Phi Phi. Make sure to buy your meals before you go here as there are not many shops in the beach.          

Hotels in Phi Phi Islands

Laem Tong Beach Hotels - The price of the hotels are not too expensive. They have a good range of Hotels for both lonely travelers and families.

Long Beach Island Hotels - This beach offers Hillside hotels and homey feeling hotels, so you don't feel away from nature and home.


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