Things to do in Bangkok

21 Apr 14 | By Mani

If you think that Bangkok has only nightlife then you're completely wrong. There are so many other things to do in Bangkok and that's the best thing about the "Land of Smiles". Here are the list of things that travelers shouldn't miss while in Bangkok - Khaosan road has been an old place for backpackers from everywhere around the world. It has cheap bars, beers and accommodation. You might as well end up making some new friends in the bar and listening to their stories in Thailand. It has mostly tourist and the food is exceptionally good with some cart vendors selling bugs and other insects worth 10 baht. Looking for a adrenaline rush! Tree Top Asia is one place where you can view the rainforest of Thailand. Situated just outside Bangkok this ziplining tour in Pattaya/Bangkok will take you through an amazing journey of the Thai rainforest, crawling, spider nets - A great way to enjoy your holidays with friends and family. Also, offers multi-adventure tours suited perfectly for family - includes discounts as well. chonburi-zipline
  • Grand Palace
How can one forget to visit the Grand Palace in a Tuk-Tuk? It's more than 200 years old and one of the best attraction in Thailand. It's architecture is a mix of Thai-Chinese and it's is surrounded by the gorgeous looking Wat Arun - the temple of the dawn.  Other temples nearby the palace is Wat Pho which has the largest reclining Buddha in Thailand. grand-palace-bangkok-things-to-do-in-bangkok
  • Floating Markets
Boat vendors selling cooked food and vegetables or meat from their boat. A must- to go place with family friends. There are many floating markets in Thailand and the best way to reach there is by taxi in the morning or by booking a van directly from your hotel. The most famous floating market is Damnoen Saduak, Ratchaburi which is about 100 km from Bangkok. floating-market-damnoen-saduak
  • Thai Street Food 
Thailand is like any other South-east Asian country with many street vendors selling decent food. The best thing to try is :
  1. Cha-Yen : Brewed black tea mixed with milk and crushed ice. It will give you a caffeine kick and a great reliever for hot weather.
  2. Look Chin Ping : Meatballs made from pork,poultry and skewed with bamboo stick and grilled on a charcoal stove.
  3.  Tom - Yum noodles : Spicy and sweet noodles with a little lemon flavor to balance the taste. It is served in a bowl with shrimps, meatballs and minced pork.
  • Nightlife
You can't miss Nightlife if you're in downtown Bangkok. There are bars, discos, clubs, traditional Thai massage parlors. Bangkok has the best nightlife in Thailand. They have everything from Go-Go bars to sports bars where you can watch some football matches, golf or MMA. The famous sports bar is in Gullivers Tavern, and the famous Go-Go bars are in sukhumvit soi 4. Different areas in Bangkok are famous for different things. For example:
  1. Electronics market - Go to Pantip which is the center of Bangkok. It's a huge building with only IT related things.
  2. Clothes - MBK center is connected to the sky train and you can buy cheap and expensive clothes from here. Usually famous among tourists.
  3. Siam Paragon - Used to be one of the biggest malls in South-east Asia at one time. This huge mall has a lot of expensive brands and great restaurants.
  4. Platinum (shopping paradise for girls) - It's right next to Pantip plaza - the IT building in Bangkok. Platinum has everything a girl desire for. Accessories, clothes, restaurants - They've everything that a girl would like.
  • Ride in a Tuk- Tuk 
Tuk-tuk is a three-wheeler motorbike with a powerful engine. It's the pride of Bangkok and many tourists travel around Bangkok in a Tuk-Tuk. With the traffic very bad in Bangkok - Tuk-tuk ride or a motorbike taxi ride is one of the best thing. tuk-tuk-thailand
  • China Town (Yauwarat)
Chinese market in Thailand boasts for it's old style Thai-style Vespa scooters. It's famous for some expensive Thai-Chinese cuisines and has many restaurants in the corner of the street. Next to the Chinatown is Indian town which has many good Indian restaurants as well. china-town-bangkok  
  • Going out with a Ladyboy
That's something you would've never tried before I guess. They are transsexuals and are in huge number in Thailand. No one knows why but some are quite pretty and there have been cases that people have made mistakes. I don't you to make a mistake so I want to tell you how you can identify them.    transexual-thailand-ladyboy Now it's your turn to try these things next time when you're in Bangkok. If I have missed anything you're most welcome to post comments and let us know about your experience of Thailand.

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