All About Khao San Road

30 Nov 14 | By Mani

Khao san road is the epicenter of the back pack culture in Thailand - All the hippies from around the world could be seen here. Not to forget the crowded streets, cheap food, scorpions and other creepy crawlies being sold by street vendors. It's a great place to start your back packing tour in Thailand. Khao san road has long been famous for back packers but why is it so famous? Does it offer something special? I think definitely it does, the vibe of that place with many inexpensive bars and a great way to meet other travelers from around the world gives such a great feeling. In the corner of the streets you will meet Thai pimps asking you "Hey Mister !!! Do you wanna see Ping-Pong show"?. It's so funny when they will show you pictures of a beautiful girl and asking you if you would like to have one. Well Well Well it's Thailand isn't it? Everything is possible here.


Street food is great and very cheap. You can easily get a scorpion in a stick if you would like to try that or kebabs which are my favorite. Tailor shops with Indians offering you deals for buying a suit. It's a messy place with a lot of things going on at the same time. So, if you are a person who is not organized I am sure that you will love this place. pad-thai-street-shops-khao-san-road You will see many other street vendors selling pad thai with chicken and egg and the best part is that there is no communication problem. They deal with so many foreigners everyday from different parts that they are good at communication. So, many time you will meet a woman/man selling food or bugs and talking in Russian or Japanese. It's just the whole atmosphere that this great place takes you. Bangkok is quite a modern city but khao san road is for people who still believe in the traditional style - the old building, the hippy culture, the music or maybe not the music but it's all old classic style from the early 1990's.

Fake Items

Khao san road has things available from college degrees to driving license. Foreigners who travel or live in Bangkok tend to make fake degree or fake licence in order to find a job in Thailand. You can easily get a licence for 1500 baht or less if you can negotiate. For an undergraduate degree you might have to pay a little bit more.

Massage Shops

Massage shops are everywhere in Thailand, so why leave Khao san road which is not only famous for locals but also for tourists and expats. Massage could be done indoors or outdoors. massage-shops-khao-san-road  

Tattoo Shops 

"You mister, you look like a tattoo man". Cheap tattoo shops or people making tattoos on the streets. Very reasonable price for tattoo in Khao san and definitely worth to see if you don't want to get one.


Bars and Pubs

Don't get overwhelmed!!! Yes, it's true that a whole tower of beer costs only $20-$25 and you end up meeting other expats in bars. If you plan to go to a hippy bar then walk into some dodgy bars in one of the alleys and you will definitely find one with a foreigner with long beard playing a guitar. If you don't fancy sitting in one bar then hold a bottle of beer and do some night shopping!! Mostly for ladies though bikinis, tank tops, denim shorts and it's pretty much around 100 baht. Now that's a deal.


Expensive bars and cheap bars - They're all available in Khao san road. This whole strip has a lot of bars and pubs so you should be able to make a good decision for yourself depending on your budget. For many people they come to khao san just to walk and buy few items or maybe grab few pints of beer in an Irish pub where you won't find a single Irishmen.

Hotels in Khao san

Hotels, hostels, bungalows, motels, bunk beds  - This place has endless amount of options for you. You can meet a partner in bars or pubs with whom you can share your room and split the price. It's a great place for people who set foot in Thailand for the first time.   Some hotels in and around Khao san road are also available at $15  to as much as you want.


Now It's Your Turn
Khao san is all real, there is nothing fake here except the driving license and a degree certificate that they make. Now it's your turn to go and experience the busy street of Khao san road.          

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