Bangkok Nightlife - Bars, Discos and Restaurants

15 Jan 15 | By Mani

Bangkok is definitely a top place for partying, restaurants and discos. A decade ago maybe this wasn't the case but it has changed in the recent years with a lot of expats coming to live in Bangkok, it has developed into a city with an amazing vibe of fancy restaurants. In this topic however we will cover about Bars, Discos and Restaurants in Bangkok:  
  • Bangkok Nightlife (Bars and Discos)

Most of the bars in Bangkok are in the city center where expats and Thais hang out. The most famous clubs are in Sukhumvit Road ( Downtown Bangkok). Some most famous ones are in Sukhumvit soi 11/street 11 and we have listed them down here for you.  
Q Bar

q-bar-bangkok-soi11Situated in Soi 11/street 11 of Sukhumvit Road. It's a place for rich Thais or expats. It's at the end of street 11 of downtown Bangkok. The entrance is quite fancy and small but as you get in it's a freaking huge bar. Although expensive from others it has quality DJ with bumping music all throughout the night.


Levels is right opposite Q Bar and it's on the levels-soi11-disco-bangkoktop of Hotel Aloft. Not a very big place but they have good Techno music and a small place to dance as well. You can also sit on big couches with your friends on one corner of the disco. It's usually crowded with Rich Thais and Expats.  
Cheap Charlies
It's next to BTS Nana in Sukhumvit soi 11. A small outdoor bar attracting mostly expats. The bar is decorated with wonderful running train all around the bar and you're also encouraged to leave behind anything in the bar adding to it's curiosity and the dynamic culture of the bar.  
Aussie Bar
Not too far from Cheap Charlies. Aussie bar is not only for OZ's but for everyone who loves sports and music. usually crowded with Expats interested in AFL, Rugby and Cricket.  


A huge nightclub constructed in the car park basement of Ambassador Hotel. You can grab a taxi at night to Climax and it's "FREE" because the club pays the taxi drivers commission. Entrance Fee of 350 baht with one drink free. Great music, young crowd, old guys looking for Thai Girls - Everything is in this club.
Sky Bar
sky-bar-bangkokSky Bar is one of the most famous places to hang out within the local and expat community. Wherever you go in the bar you get to see a beautiful view of the "sin city". A great place for people who like to take photos, people love taking pictures while standing at the edge of the bar.
Gullivers Tavern
Nice chill out place in Sukhumvit Soi 5. One of the best sports bar in Bangkok with 9 pool tables in total. You get a chance to meet locals mostly Thai girls and expats who love playing pool or rather watch football. A beer costs around 130 baht which is a reasonable price for this place. A game of pool is for 20 baht and you get to play with others in the bar if you keep on winning then no need to pay.  
  • Bangkok Nightlife (Restaurants)

Sushi Bar and Bistro (Ekkamai Soi 1)sushi-bar-bistro-ekkamai-bangkok
Chinese style restaurant with a huge menu and a nice setting. Usually visited by only very Rich Thais. The food is not that expensive however drinks are a little pricey. But it's still worth a visit. A bottle of wine costs somewhere around 2000 baht ++ with many things to order in food a total of 4000 baht should be good enough for this restaurant.
Seven Spoon Bar and Restaurantseven-spoon-restaurant-bangkok
At the edge of China town in Bangkok. It's better to visit this restaurant if you're around China Town or rather use public transport or walk on foot in order to avoid the hustle and bustle of the streets. The prices are relatively better than downtown Bangkok restaurants. They offer a wide variety of Mediterranean influenced dishes along with some other modern dishes. 
KU DE TA Izakaya Restaurantjapanese-restaurant-bangkok
As the name suggests this is a Japanese restaurant visited by locals and also expats. Great ambiance, drinks and food at a reasonable price. Usually famous for it's service and English speaking trained waiters it's a perfect setting for a panoramic view of Bangkok and the city.
Apsara Cruise by Banyan Treeapsara-cruise-banyan-tree
I have mentioned before that Bangkok is a city of nights and the best way to see the real beauty is after 6 p.m when the sunsets at Chaophraya river. This cruise will take you along Chaophraya river and serve you with some excellent food and their service. A must visit for Expats or Tourists who want to learn and see real Thailand.   Now it's your turn to visit these places. Your comments would be appreciated and let us know if you want to know about more places or you can share your experience with us.

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