Complete List of Riverside Hotels in Bangkok

06 Jan 15 | By Mani

Guide to Riverside Hotels of Bangkok

Whether it's a leisure, family or a business trip riverside hotels are always a great way to start any vacations or business trips. Chao-Phraya river flows through the center of the city and divide it into old and new Bangkok. Living in these hotels can be a great way to travel in both parts of Bangkok and knowing more about the diverse culture of the city.   Being along the river is definitely beneficial for transportation and that too in a unique style is something guests look forward too. Peninsula Bangkok hotel knows very well how to impress their guests. Spacious classy rooms with a great view of the city and river. One of the top priorities of this hotel is to make their guest feel comfortable and they do that in perfect Thai style. This hotel ferry can drops you off to the hotel pier and then drive you in a car to your Hotel Room. Isn't that fantastic.


Praya-Palazzo-Hotel Praya Palazzo Hotel Located on the west bank of Chao-phraya river, this hotel has some history associated with it. It was built by an Italian architect and remodeled a year ago. Not all rooms have views but the beautiful gardens make up for it. The way to enter the hotel is by Boat and the hotel will give you a phone to call them if you want to arrange a pick-up from the other side of the river. You can feel the character as soon as you enter the property.  

center point silom

River view right from your room. You definitely want to wake up in this style if you're in Bangkok. Not only the view, it's also close to the public transportation like Sky Trains, Boat Taxi. If you plan to visit Bangkok in a boat taxi (completely different) view of Bangkok you can take buy a ticket for less than a dollar and travel up and down the river without wasting a lot of money. But if you plan to do it in style then book a cruise ride for yourself and enjoy Bangkok at night time.

  Anantara-bangkok-riverside-hotel Restaurants of Bangkok The name "Anantara" is usually associated in Hotel industry as Fantastic and this one by them is no different. It's along the Chao-Phraya river opposite the newly built Asiatique mall. Again, it's very close to the transportation (boat taxi, buses, sky trains) and taxi (which are everywhere in Bangkok). They also have complimentary boat rides to the city which is after every 30 minutes. As you will walk towards the ferry you will see a well-decorated garden with beautiful freshness of the lovely flowers in the garden.   There is nothing better than living in a hotel right on the banks of Chao-Phraya river. Close to the city center with many facilities provided by the Hotel itself. Well-trained staff with a divine pool - that's what makes a great hotel and by the way "View" of the spectacular Chao-Phraya is completely FREE. Ramada Plaza-Menam-Riverside Hotel    

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