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09 Jan 15 | By Mani

Travel Inspiration for the 1st week of August mostar-bosnia-herzegovina-travel-inspiration

This week our travel inspiration takes us to Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The town of Mostar is popular for its old bridge and the settlement around the area. The western European style houses depicts the architectural inspiration of the people and the history related to it. bridge-jumping-festival-mostar Image courtesy of bbc The people follow the long-term tradition of bridge jumping during the festival. The picture above shows the style and form of the divers who participate. Considered to be one of the most enthusiastic festival which encourages many divers to participate and show their talent. The winner of the festival is given a reward at the end based on many things like the splash of water, style etc.  

Travel Quote of the week 

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” 
― Anita Desai   So go ahead and travel the world Search for hotels in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina logo-zizzee        

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