Your Travel Inspiration - Melissani Cave Greece

01 Jan 15 | By Mani

Dive Into The Blue Water Of Greece

Melissani cave is on the east coast of Kefalonia island - famous for it's blue water and the beautiful surroundings. Take an underground tunnel to get to the cave and enjoy the blue water and the surrounding scenery. melissani-cave-travel-inspiration photo via unknown

 What's the best time to go?

It's so beautiful that any time is good but noon is considered to be top of the charts when you can enjoy the bright sunshine and the true beauty of the cave. Although, mornings and evenings are good as well. Going early in the morning has it's own advantage as you can avoid tourists and crowd. Usually mornings are quite and beautiful - hugely recommended if you are going with your partner. melissani-cave-greece-travel-inspiration photo via unknown  

Who to ride with in the cave?

An important factor in making this journey unforgettable is who to ride with in the boat. You definitely don't want someone who is fat & lazy rowing the boat and being your guide. So, make sure you've someone who is a fantastic guide and share with you amazing stories about the cave. melissani-cave-greece photo via unknown  

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