Cycling Tours in Bangkok

24 Aug 15 | By Mani

Planning to travel Bangkok and don't know how to start and what to do? Well there's no better way than doing a bike tour of the city. Of course you won't go on a whole city tour but you will be taken to certain areas of the city that tourists or locals do not go. Traveling on a bicycle is much more daring, adventurous and fun than traveling in a taxi, sky train or buses in Bangkok. Below are the tours or companies that offer awesome services to give you a real idea of the beauty of Bangkok. Bicycle tours is definitely one of the top things to do in Bangkok and here's why we think it is. Although, there are many bike tour companies available in Bangkok, depending on what you want to do, below are some of the best ones available in the city that takes you to off beaten paths.

Go Bangkok Tours

go bangkok tours A great way to explore the city is to go out on a bike and see the real city atmosphere. Go Bangkok Tours offers various options - Guided Tours of Bangkok, GPS self-guided tours or Rent a bike a go wherever you want to go. Amazing bike tours provides a solution for family travelers, solo travelers and also couples.

Co Van Kessel Bangkok

They provide a unique experience to people by taking them to places that are not common among expats, locals or tourists. Co Van Kessel takes you to alleys, footpaths, canals that are not common to be known by the people. Whether it's the smell of Thai food on the street or the dingy alleys, Co Van Kessel makes your experience totally unique. They offer a variety of packages:
  1. 5 Hour Bicycle / Boat Tour
  2. 3 Hour Night Tour of the City
  3. 9 Hour Bicycle / Boat / Train Tour

 Bangkok Bike Adventure

bangkok bike tour Bangkok Bike Adventure tour takes you to the natural, green areas of Bangkok also called Bangkok jungle. A great way to see Bangkok from a different angle. Bangkok Bike Tour is located on Sukhumvit road near Phrom Phong BTS (Sky train), here you will get your bike as per your size and off you go with your English speaking guides to explore the temples, nature and places that you would have never seen in this bustling city.

Follow Me Bike Tour

follow me bike tour Follow me bike tour has many options available from a night trip to a food tour of Bangkok in a bike to a temple tour. Here are the options and the prices:
  1. Guided Bike Tours
  2. See the Unique Life of the Locals
  3. Night Bike Tour
  4. Bike and Tuk Tuk Tour
Follow Me Bike Tour also has a clubhouse to relax and meet locals, expats and fellow travelers making your experience a memorable one.  

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