Fun! Activities Ramayana Water Park. Ramayana Water Park There are 21 slider players, the biggest, the best, the most exciting.

Fun! Activities Ramayana Water Park.

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Ramayana Water Park There are 21 slider players, the biggest, the best, the most exciting.

Open all day every day  from 10 – 18h

Ramayana WaterPark offers 21 of the biggest, best, most exhilarating rides, including four that you will find nowhere else in Asia. All are constructed of the highest quality materials to the most exacting internationally-approved safety standards, all are watched over by highly trained operatives and life guards. 

Our premium water slides are all made by White Water West in Canada, the world’s leading manufacturer and the water we use throughout the park is sourced from our own wells – pure, crystal-clear and safe enough to drink! Ride as much as you want, as often as you want – once you’ve purchased the great value entrance ticket all the rides are free, all day long!


DOUBLE WAVE POOL : Washing on to a 160m beach, our Double Wave Pool is probably the biggest around. Half of the pool contains stormy waves to bravely battle, the other side rocking you gentler in your tubes! Between the two you will find our impressive entertainment stage.

LAZY WAVY RIVER : Take a seat in a single or double tube or just swim and float down 600m of the Lazy Wavy River, experience waves to shake you, bubble areas, waterfalls and geysers to splash and soak you. 

RELAX POOL : Relax or gently swim whilst enjoying the invigorating bubbles in the Relax Pool. Sit in the water and enjoy a refreshing drink at our Pool Bar, an integral feature of the pool.

ACTIVITY POOL: Larger than an Olympic size swimming pool, our Activity Pool is a source of fun all day long, with water volleyball, swimming lessons, water aerobics and lots more on offer. Or, just relax and enjoy the jacuzzi bubbles at both ends.

KID’S AQUASPLASH : Kid’s Aquasplash, a large area with a soft flooring offering water jets and sprinklers, will fascinate and delight. Specifically designed for the very young (6 months – 6 years), but we know everyone will enjoy the splashes and antics.



RIVER WALK : The River Walk, is not to be missed; a gentle stroll along the banks of the river, within the sights and sounds of the natural tropical rainforest, unveils the secrets of Asia at its best. Along the way, experience traditional Thai culture at the Floating Market on the shore. Enjoy the fresh fruit, juices and typical Thai snacks served directly to you from one of the market’s long tail boats.

FLOATING MARKET : Experience traditional Thai culture at the floating market on the river shore. Enjoy the fresh fruit, juices and typical Thai snacks served directly to you from one of the market’s long tail boats.

LAKE ISLAND : Visit the natural Lake Island and explore the huge iconic sculptures of the Ramayana Waterpark. A walk across the island offers Thai nature at its finest – exotic fruit trees, local herbs and spices and so much more.

GREEN MAZE : The Green Maze which is made in our “R” logo shape. Don’t get lost!



BEACH VOLLEYBALL & FOOTBALL : A great way to lose some calories and just have fun with your friends by playing challenge games such as volleyball or football. Pure clean sand specially delivered from islands will bring even more joy for any game!

MUAY TALAY :  It is just not possible to imagine Thailand without it’s national sport, Thai box, right?! So here is a chance for you to try your strength in it by yourself, but it is maximum safe at our place cause all fight are held just above the water. Even kids play!

WATER POLO & VOLLEYBALL : Feel the atmosphere of the real sport spirit at our bigger than Olympic swimming pool size by playing your favorite water polo or volleyball.

ZUMBA : Shake it all and feel yourself with our professional Zumba instructor right in the pool. After sport dancing to some funky tunes everybody feels fresh and full of energy!


(Note: If. due to adverse weather conditions, we are unable to re-open the park before 3.45pm, a full return visit ticket, valid for 30 days, will be issued. Wristbands must be intact and on the wrist to be valid for a replacement ticket. No refunds will be issued, regardless of time spent in the park.

* Free entry for wheelchair users)

  • For your safety, only dedicated swim wear can be used on our slides and needs to be without zippers, buckles, studs or any other metal pieces. Jeans or football shorts are not allowed and only swimming rash shirts are permitted - regular T-Shirts cannot be worn.
  • Necklaces, mobile phones and metal watches cannot be worn while riding. Lockers and safety boxes are available for hire but we recommend that you refrain from bringing any jewellery with you.

Riding Restrictions

  • There are posted signs at the entrance to each ride giving full information. In general, you must be 122cm to use our adult rides.
  • Pregnant women and people with heart conditions, neck or back problems should not ride on our slides.

Period Detail Price  
27 Apr  -  31 Oct 2019 Adult+Ticket+Lunch Buffet USD 43
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  Child(Ticket Water Park + Transfer for around trip)(height 91-121 cm.) USD 33  
27 Apr  -  31 Oct 2019 Adult +Ticket + Transfer for around trip) USD 43
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  Child/height 91-121 cm. (Weter Park+All day Buffet 11.00-16.00 hrs) USD 33  
  Child/height 91-121 cm.(Weter Park+ Buffet + Transfer) USD 39  
27 Apr  -  31 Oct 2019 Adult (Ticket Only) USD 32
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27 Apr  -  31 Oct 2019 Adult (Weter Park+ Buffet + Transfer) USD 49
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  Child/Ticket Water Park(้height 91-121 cm.) USD 25  


43 USD

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(Age 6 to 11)


(Age 3 to 5)

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