Full Day Experience Elephant Riding and Bamboo Rafting (Joined Tour) Experience Elephant Riding and Bamboo Rafting Tour

Full Day Experience Elephant Riding and Bamboo Rafting (Joined Tour)

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Day 1

Experience Elephant Riding and Bamboo Rafting Tour

riding like a river, butterfly farm 

Travel itinerary:

  • 08:30: the hotel pick up the bus, travel about an hour to go to the north of Chiang Mai.
  • 09:30: Get to Mae Taman Elephant Camp on the banks of the Mae Tang River.
  • 09:45: watch the elephant administrator in the river to the elephant bath.
  • 10:00: Watch the elephant listen to the manager's command to push, drag, roll the performance of the wood. There are many other activities to showcase their talents, such as playing football, games, massage, painting a beautiful abstract painting, landscaping or self-portrait.
  • 10:45 : The next hour we can ride the elephant across the river, climbing into the dense jungle. (Elephant footsteps are very stable). 
  • 12:00: 15 minutes by car to return to the camp.
  • 12:15: Enjoy a buffet lunch in the on-site restaurant.
  • 13:00 : After lunch, enjoy a 1 hour raft rafting tour at the calm Mae Tang River. In the summer, the river is relatively shallow. In such a charming scenery, easy to enjoy the beautiful scenery across the Taiwan Strait.
  • 14:00: We finish rafting trip and go to Orchid farm on the way to return to downtown.
  • 14:45: Arrival Orchid Nursery and Butterfly Farm, there are more than 50 different varieties of orchids, there are particularly beautiful butterflies with your journey.
  • 15:15: return to the city.
  • 16:00: return to the hotel.

Pick-up time: 08: 00-08: 30 (morning)

Travel start time: 09:30 (am)

Travel duration: 8 hours and 30 minutes

Package included

  • Ride elephants and raft rafting experience day trip (fight group)
  • lunch
  • English tour guide


Booking time: September 27, 2010 to October 31, 2018
travel time: September 27, 2010 to October 31, 2018

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