Baiyok Sky Buffet

Baiyok Sky Buffet

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The Bangkok Sky Restaurant caters fine dining buffet with a huge variety Observation deck & Revolving view point.

Service hours: Daily service all year around from 10.00 during weekdays and Saturdays/Sundays from 9.30 to 23.00 hours.
- Details of each floor are different. Customers can choose the online booking procedure.

​SAMPLE OF buffet Floor

18th floor : Opening Hours  (09.00hrs-22.00hrs)

  • Fruit Buffet  inclusive of deink at Fruit Court+Revolving View Point.
  • Fruit Court gathers the natural delicacy and freshness of the long stretch of seasonal Thai fruits and their related products.

69th floor : Opening Hours (17.00hrs-22.00hrs)

  • Thai Food & Seafood The Restaurant gathers the famous Thai Dishes and seafood with daily classic Thai show. Free Flow Thai Herbal Drink

75th floor:  Int'I Buffet & Seafood / Floating Market  The highest floating market in Thailand, 

  • Opening Hours (10.30hrs-16.00hrs) Lunch
  • Opening Hours (17.00hrs-22.00hrs) Dinner
  • Free Flow Soft-Drink

76th OR 78th floor:  Int'I Buffet & Seafood Bangkok Sky Restaurant 

The Bangkok Sky Restaurant caters fine dining buffet with a huge variety of finest seafood and international dishes    

  • Opening Hours (10.30hrs-16.00hrs) Lunch
  • Opening Hours (17.00hrs-22.00hrs) Dinner 
  • Free Flow Soft-Drink

79th floor:  Opening Hours (11.00hrs-15.00hrs) Lunch 

  • Special Seafood & Dim Sum Buffet
  • Free Flow Soft-Drink

79th floor: Opening Hours (17.30hrs-23.00hrs) 

  • Int'I Buffet Seafood & Chinese Dinner
  • The finest ingredients from around the world.
  • The caravans are more than 10 vehicles with more than 60 menu items. Has been selected as the most carefully prepared by the ... Top Chef.
  • The guests in the VIP room, where "Luxury Caravan Buffet" maintains its mellow flavor of food.Combines modern design with a unique mix of Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Europe will enjoy the taste of food. And the concept of a buffet that is. "Eating is not" impressed with the level of service, 5 stars
  • Including  Ice Chinese Tea OR Ice ChryIsanthemum Tea Only Free Flow Soft-Drink

81th 82nd floor: Opening Hours (17.30hrs-23.00hrs)

  • Grilled & Seafood Buffet Dinner The Crystal Grill serves the long array of superb grilled & international buffet culinary with the best panoramic view of the capital through the full height of 5-meter glass wall. (With 1 bottle of drinking water)

Special Offer :  

  • Observation Deck, 77 th floor
  • Revolving View Point on 84th floor. the Sky Walk is Thailand’s first and the only challenging open-air, 360 degrees revolving view point, 

Offer the best view of Bangkok and beyond the metropolis to the Gulf of Thailand. Maps, computerized multimedia kiosks and coin-activated telescopes will help to identify what is laying 250 meters below your feet. 

** Not applicable for the thai Market **

Children Policy:  50% Discount on above rate for children under 1.20 cm. of height

Rermark:  The above offer is not applicable on 28 July, 12 Sep, 31 Oct., 22 Nov., 5 Dec., 24 Dec. and 31 Dec. 


THB 10,000,000




(Age 12+)


(Age 6 to 11)


(Age 3 to 5)


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