Luxury Thai Massage - Paradise of Honeymoon Package for Couple (210 mins) Paradise of Honeymoon Package (Traditional Thai Massage)

Luxury Thai Massage - Paradise of Honeymoon Package for Couple (210 mins)

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Paradise of Honeymoon Package (Traditional Thai Massage)

Welcome to Phothalai... to the equilibrium path of Longevity. Phothalai is truly territory of health care. Our Massage and Spa derives from the original culture of Thai Massage for over 7,500 years. The institute represents traditional aesthetics through architectural wall carving of ancient hermit exercise. Our massage with professional certified specialists at Phothalai is a supurb and unique experience not to be missed inThailand.

Wat Po – a temple which also became Thailand’s first ever university, is a bastion of Thai medical heritage and thai massage, and with astonishing foresight the temple founded the Wat Po Traditional Medical School more than 60 years ago. Phothalai – Wellness & Longevity is a continuation of "Tangtrongjit" a family tradition riding on the back of four generations of knowledge and experience, protecting an refining ancient arts and techniques that have stood the test of time and have now been brought to anew fitting home for such a valuable legacy. A shirne to ancestral Thai massage inspired by the Wat Po,the teachings from Dr.Chivagagormarathat a doctor of the Lord Buddha and combining a true Thai massage and spa attuned to the body flow.

Paradise of Honeymoon Package


* Welcome Herbal Drink & Cold towel

* Smoothing

* Private Herbal Steam & refreshment 30 mins (For a couple)

* Water Hydrotherapy 30 mins (For a couple)

* Phothalai Body Polish 30 mins (For a couple)

* Choice of Aromatherapy Massage 90 mins  (For a couple)

* The Touch of Phothalai

* Thai Herbal Compression

* Relaxing Facial Massage 30 mins (For a couple)

* Hot herbal drink & light snack 

** Complimentary round trip transfer (Bangkok Metropolitan and circle)**

Treatment time : 210 mins

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