Khantoke Dinner + Cultural Show @Old Chiangmai

Khantoke Dinner + Cultural Show @Old Chiangmai

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Khantoke Dinner Show

The very first ever Khantoke Dinner Show was created right here at Old Chiangmai on 1970. It was started in order to showcase the traditional Northern Thailand, Lanna, culture. This has evolved over centuries and much of what you will witness here is timeless. Many of the dances were created in the last 150 years, the most recent in 1957 but they all have their origins in traditional dance that is very much older.

Experience the Lanna style dinner. We have a standard set of kangaroos, halal and vegetarian dishes for you to enjoy while watching cultural shows from different regions of Thailand.

The program

18:30 - 19:00   Pick up at a hotel or accommodation in downtown Chiang Mai.

19:00 - 19:30   Travel to Khum Khantoke Restaurant

19:45 - 21:00   Eat food and watch the show.

21:00 - 22:00   Return to your hotel.

Native dance performances: It is a group of performances that tourists will be watching during the dinner. Details of each show are as follows.

Nail Dancing, Sword Dance, Chicken Dancing, Yogi Dance, Fire Dance, Fiddle Dance, Tai Lue Dance, Muay Thai Dance, Tai Chi Dance, Kid Dance, Dance Dance

Performances of tribal people. After dinner, visitors can dine at Kantoke Dinner and watch traditional dance performances during the meal. The Cultural Center of Chiang Mai also has performances of hill tribes. Have a look at that. "Ethnic courtyards" by tourists will have to walk to watch the performances of the hill tribe people. For examples of hilltribe shows, tourists can watch at the ethnic courtyard. Chiang Mai Cultural Center

Yao dance, Hmong dance, Lee Suo dance, Lahu dance, Akha dance, sword dance, rice dance

Ancient Muay Thai Martial Art Exhibition Ancient Muay Thai was developed from the martial arts of the Tai people who emigrated from southern China. The attacking nature of the attack quickly. The whole body, fists, arms, elbows, knees, knees in combat and defense. Typically, traditional Thai boxers will use the ropes to wrap their arms and forearms to increase the power of fists.

*** In case of self Please come to Khantoke within 19:00.

Total price 

  • Kantoke Dinner Set
  • Show
  • Refill soft drinks (fanta juice, coke and bottled water)


- Price for children (2 - 8 years) height not over 135 cm.

-  Roundtrip Transfer (within the city of chiangmai only)  100 baht 


Period Detail Price  
01 Nov  -  31 Oct 2020 Adult (No Transfer) THB 570
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01 Nov  -  31 Oct 2020 Adult Include Transfer THB 670
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  Child (not over 135cm.) No Transfer THB 300  
  Child (not over 135cm.)+ Transfer THB 400  


570 THB

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(Age 6 to 11)


(Age 3 to 5)

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