Snorkeling “Cork's Burn Island” >>Love Andaman(ONE DAY TRIP) Two Islands, Myanmar - "Victoria Point" - Chang Phuak Islands - "Milky way" or "Milky Way" - The second point "Pak Khlong Talat - Buffet and Seafood Grill - Chang Phuak Bay Challenging viewpoint with swimming and mountain climbing activities

Snorkeling “Cork's Burn Island” >>Love Andaman(ONE DAY TRIP)

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Day 1

Two Islands, Myanmar - "Victoria Point" - Chang Phuak Islands - "Milky way" or "Milky Way" - The second point "Pak Khlong Talat - Buffet and Seafood Grill - Chang Phuak Bay Challenging viewpoint with swimming and mountain climbing activities

7:30     Van service to pick up customers from accommodation in Ranong city / airport heading to Ranong Customs Pier (Lighthouse)

8:00     At the same time at the lighthouse pier in Ranong province. Check in with a morning snack. And check the documents that Love Andaman has prepared

8:45     The boat is ready to depart for Koh Song Myanmar port to submit immigration documents in Myanmar.

9:00     Departing from the Song Island Myanmar port. During the journey, you will see the main tourist attraction, which is the southernmost land of Myanmar. Also known as "Victoria Point", the boat will cruise through many islands and experience the pure natural atmosphere of the Myanmar coast.

10:15     Arrive at Chang Phuak Islands. (Cockburn Island) consisting of 5 unique islands Which has a shallow radius With the best coral forests from hundreds of Burmese islands There are also Thale Waek (Separated Sea) and white sand beaches. For those who like photography, swimming can spend the day on the beach. With dessert service Full drink throughout the da

10:30     Depart for the "Milky way" dive site or the Milky Way Is the center of the coral kingdom that stretches over one kilometer The entire area can see up to 5 species of clown fish. Diving spots in this area can be divided into 3 spots. "Paragon" will find a large anemone field. There is a clump of extra large This clump, we call it the Greater Clownfish. Can count more than 50 red clown red clown fish. If the whole area could be as many as 500, "Chatuchak Staghorn" is excited with the tightest and most complete Staghorn coral forest and "Sanam Luang". Various coral gardens grow tightly. With thousands of mushroom coral, table coral, ring coral Galaxy coral, brain coral dotted with tiered tassel worm Or Christmas tree And there are purple anemone clams all along the dive path. And swim through the rock pile. Little Cock (Big Stone Chicks) will find a large group of fish on a regular basis. Including a group of angels butterfly fish Nori butterfly fish

11:30     Second point diving "Pak Khlong Talat", a coral field resembling a brown rose garden. Beautiful, glittering under the sea This point is like a flower garden under the sea. With coral, ice flake skin Inserted with staghorn coral, table coral and many others, along with a parade of rare species of fish that will make you happy throughout the dive. At this point, we find squid, squid, a group of barracudas, anemone fish, anemone fish, yellow cod fish, parrot fish, butterfly fish, angels. Sin Samut Chakraphat Fish, Bird Fish and Tiger Clams

12:15     It's time to have a full buffet. And delicious grilled seafood as well as a variety of desserts And a wide variety of drinks that everyone is talking about, are fully served by the fine white beach Blows beneath the shade of large trees

13:30     For those who love adventure Must go to experience Chang Phuak bay Challenging viewpoint With swimming activities And climb the mountain that looks like an elephant is swimming On the top is a white marble. Which is the origin of the name Chang Ao Phueak To see the beautiful white sandy beach on both sides connected by a ridge With a shallow streak of water reflecting the sparkling sunlight Looked like a miraculous white elephant

15:30     Say goodbye to the purity of the sea Head back to Second Island To receive documents in transit

17:00     Arrive at Ranong Customs Pier (Lighthouse) Van with return service to accommodation in Ranong city safely

This price includes

  • Shuttle bus to / from Ranong city center To the lighthouse pier (With additional expenses For off-road customers)
  • Round trip speed boat price
  • Documentation fee for crossing Thai-Myanmar border (Only for Thai people)
  • The guide can communicate in Thai, English, Myanmar, as well as give advice on natural conservation tourism.
  • Morning snack fee, lunch set (Seafood menu), desserts, carbonated water and drinking water, and Special Dinner specials
  • Diving equipment (diving mask, snorkel and life jacket)
  • Accident insurance for tourists with insurance coverage of 500,000 baht
  • This price includes the island admission fee.

This price is not included

  • Vat

Trip conditions

  • Additional charges will be applied to the net price during the holiday period between 31 December 2019 - 2 January 2020, 13-16 April 2020, at 300 baht / person for Nakinyo Island / Chang Phuak / Nowland OP / Emerald Heart Island
  • Children under 2 years old. The company does not recommend and does not allow to travel in the Myanmar sea program.
  • Seniors over 60 years and customers with pressure, heart disease, pregnancy, asthma, surgery for 1-2 years, orthopedic diseases. The company does not allow travel. As it can be dangerous
  • The program may change depending on weather and natural changes.

Travel conditions

  • From Ranong Airport Arrive at the lighthouse pier And return to the hotel in downtown Ranong. There is an additional charge of 300 baht / person (shared van)
  • Free shuttle bus service for hotel routes in downtown Ranong to the lighthouse pier except for customers staying at BC Bodin Resort, The Blue Sky at Ranong, Miss Swan Villa. And The White Village Ranong Resort has an additional fee of 300 baht / person.
  • From Ranong Airport to the hotel. Hotel in downtown Ranong costs 800 baht / trip (personal car Can seat up to 3 persons) and service fee 1,500 baht / way for a van (Personal van Maximum 10 people) except BC Badin Resort, The Blue Sky at Ranong, Miss Swan Villa And The White Village Ranong Resort has an additional charge of 300 baht / car (car) and 700 baht / car (van).


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15 Sep  -  15 May 2020 Children USD 87
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15 Sep  -  15 May 2020 Adult USD 115
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115 USD

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15 Sep - 15 May 20

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